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Runnability Components

Runnability Components: Fewer breaks with Vacubox web stabilizers

It’s all about stability and contact. Dryer sections are often single felted in order to improve paper machine runnability at higher speeds. The paper tends to lift off the dryer fabric mainly at the closing nips. This causes wrinkles and web breaks, as well as other problems. Our Vacubox web stabilizers keep the paper in good contact with the fabric thus preventing web flutter and instability. 



TM Systems supplies Vacubox X web stabilizers for press sections, Vacubox P transfer boxes, Vacubox S and 2S single or double sided web stabilizers for slalom sections and Vacubox 3S web stabilizers for use in slalom section with suction rolls. Further, HV-variants with an integrated release zone are available, as well as versions with tail threading support zones.


How it works 

Our Vacuboxes operate with direct suction, thus requiring significantly less energy than many competing systems based on blowing nozzle technology.

Vacuboxes are suitable for use in press sections, for web transfer between press- and dryer section as well as in slalom sections.



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Vacubox Web Stabilizers

Vacubox Web Stabilizers

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