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OSNA Pumpen GmbH

Salvtech became the exclusive U.K distributor for OSNA Pumps in 2018. Founded in 1890 by Mr. Johann Hartlage, up until the end of the 1930’s the company bore the founder’s name, growing from a small handicraft business to a machine and pump factory of considerable size. Now named OSNA-Pumpen, the company recently celebrated its 125th anniversary. 


Still operating as a family-owned business, OSNA Pumps have earned a good reputation through fabricating reliable piston pumps. Many of these pumps are still in operation today, with some of them having been in continuous service for more than 80 years!


OSNA Pumps have developed and grown significantly over the last few decades. It now offers a wide selection of pump systems to suit many types of applications. This range of pumps includes, piston pumps, centrifugal pumps, as well as submersible pumps, pressure boosting systems, equipment for water purification and filtering, and all the corresponding accessories. Aside from the typical standard product range, OSNA can offer many individual and bespoke solutions, which will be tailor-made according to the customers’ specific requirements. 


OSNA pride themselves on keeping close working relationships with their customers and offering dedicated analysis of their customer’s requirements. The company uses its knowledge about their customers’ processes in order to provide an individual and custom-made solution. Such solutions sometimes have higher initial investments; however, this results in a more financially economical solution during the total service life of the product. Many of OSNA’s long-term relationships have proven that this approach works. 


Optimization of energy consumption has also become a key success factor in OSNA’s product range,  and OSNA is aiming high in this sector, continuously working on improving hydraulics, drive units, motors and controlling equipment. 

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DEA 2-6

The DEA 2-6 is a pressure boosting system for use with 2 - 6 pumps.Ideal for the pumping of clean and cold water for pressure boosting in residential buildings, industrial operations and municipal water supply.



Non-selfpriming, multistage, high-pressure centrifugal pumps in either a vertical (NMV) or horizontal (NMH) design. For pumping clear or slightly contaminated liquids in pressure boosting systems, central heating, cold and hot water circulation, water supply systems, shipbuilding, the mining industry, power stations, filter units, fire extinguishing and irrigation plants.


Type LG Piston Pump

Self-priming, double-acting piston pump with gear drive.


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