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Pollrich GmbH

Moving Air. Saving Energy. 

Industrial Fans made in Germany. 
POLLRICH is a Leading Manufacturer of Heavy-Duty Industrial Fans based in Germany.


With more than 112 years of experience in numerous projects worldwide, POLLRICH supply custom-fit and low-maintenance industrial fans, which secure othe customer's processes, and help to protect the health of staff. With their comprehensive expert knowledge in ventilation technology and a high system expertise, even with very complex tasks, POLLRICH offer tailor-made solutions designed to help to increase the productivity.

With POLLRICH everything revolves around industrial fans. Ranging from small blowers to heavy-duty centrifugal fans, the diverse product range offers solutions for the multiplicity of specifications and requirements around ventilation technology. POLLRICH configure their centrifugal fans for almost every performance range and are therefore able to offer individually optimized and tailor-made solutions.



• Centrifugal fans

• Tailor-made solutions

• Fan services

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Industrial Radial Fans

The tasks and applications of Pollrich's industrial fans are various. They help to convey and suck in air, steam, gasses, dust or light cargo.


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