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For over 50 years Sicma SpA has been developing and manufacturing complete systems for materials handling, and has been represented in the UK by Salvtech Ltd since 2014.  Originally Sicma developed handling systems for logs and chips for the production of wooden panels but over the decades has concentrated their activities for the Paper Industry, becoming a strong presence in the world’s most important Paper Groups. Based in Mondovì, Italy, Sicma have agents across the globe in over 40 countries.

Their main production plant consists of approximately 12,000 square metres of covered area and 32,000 square metres in total area, structured in order to encompass all phases of product development, from preliminary studies to after sales service. Each piece of equipment is completely manufactured and tested within Sicma.

Uretec s.r.l., was founded in 1994 in collaboration with Sicma S.p.A. and other operating partners. The company specialises in the processing of polyurethane materials for the realisation of elements to be used for industrial applications. 

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Products And Services

Below you will find links to all Salvtech's products and services that relate to Sicma SpA.

Automatic Bale Dewiring

SICMA designed and developed automatic systems for bale dewiring. These cut and remove the wires from units consisting of two stacks of bales, before winding the wire into coils and discharging them into receiving bins


Automatic Warehouse Systems

Sicma has developed different technologies to manage the storage of products in the mill based on each specific requirement.


Bale Conveying

Sicma are able to provide slat and chain conveyors for pulper feeding systems.


Handling and Storage Systems for PM Rolls

Sicma designs and manufactures automatic handling and storage systems for the PM Rolls (Jumbo Rolls).


Pallet Handling Sytems

Sicma can deliver specific solutions for pallet handling and wrapping based on particular customer’s requirements.


Paper Rolls Handling

Sicma can develop all different solutions for handling and managing systems of the rolls in the Paper Industry, designing tailor made systems based on the particular requirements of the Mill.


Pulper Feeding Systems

Sicma has made the pulper feeding system a tool to facilitate and simplify operations , while increasing production efficiency and allowing continuous control of immediate changes to the process.


Roll Splitting Lines

Sicma can propose various solutions to handle and split the rejected paper rolls which have to be resent to the pulper.


Roll Wrapping

Sicma can supply a full range of equipment able to wrap paper rolls on the basis of all the most recent techologies actually on the market.


Wire Winder

Sicma produces two different types of wire winder to allow easy disposal of the steel wires removed from the unit and from the single bales.


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