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EXTRAIR Centrifugal Pump

Vertical Pump for conveying solid bearing medium, out of vacuumed basins.

Self-priming, self-adjusting, nearly free of obstruction, intermittent



The vertical pump EXTRAIR is normally used to convey solid bearing medium out of vacuumed basins. L&M’s EXTRAIR pump is designed for continuous operation. It is a one stage centrifugal pump which is self-adjusting according to the incoming amount of water. Therefore the EXTRAIR has to be plugged to a fresh water supply in order to extra lubrify the lower bearing. The cooling water avoids that solids irrupt into the bearing. Furthermore, the fresh water will cool the pump in case that there is not enough medium available to be pumped. Because the pump usually works under a vacuum it is necessary to install a non-return valve on the outlet so that there is no return flow and no atmospheric air can ingress.

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