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HCL B Positive Displacement Pump


The HCLB pump is a positive displacement lobular rotating pump, providing high performance and maximum reliability with a reduced size. This pump is perfect for managing all kinds of fluid of either low or high viscosity, in the food-processing, dairies, and cosmetic industries, as well as for filtering and bottling applications. Fluids containing fragile solids such as junket can be pumped without damage thanks to the specially designed lobes.


Operating Principle

The HCLB pumps basically consist of two lobe rotors which rotate synchronously inside a casing without touching each other. As the rotors rotate, the spaces between the lobes and the casing are successively filled with fluid, which is transported to the discharge nozzle with a fixed amount of displacement. The pumped fluid forms a continuous stream thanks to the tolerances between the lobes and the pump casing, thus ensuring efficient pumping.


Design and Features



Parts in contact with the product: AISI 316L

Other parts: AISI 304

Support: GG-15

Gaskets: EPDM in compliance with FDA

Mechanical seals: C/SiC/EPDM

Internal surface finish: Ra < 0.8 μm

External surface finish: bright polish



Mech.seals in SiC/SiC, TgC/SiC, C/StSt.

Packing with lip seal.

Gaskets: FPM.

External by-pass.

Bi-wing lobes.

AISI 304 drive shroud.

Several kinds of drives and protections (gearbox drive with optional

frequency converter pulley drive speed selector).

Trolley and/or switchboard.

Connections: Clamp, SMS, RJT, etc.


Technical Specifications

Max. Flow: 41 m³ /h - 180 GPM

Max. Pressure: 12 bar - 174 PSI

Max. working temperature: 120 ºC - 248ºF

Max. Speed: 950 rpm

Max. differential pressure:-

HCLB 1-25, 2-40, 3-50: 12 bar 174 PSI

HCLB 1-40, 2-50, 3-80: 7 bar 102 PSI

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