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HCL Positive Displacement Pump

Hyclean – Rotor Lobe Pump

The rotary lobe pump Hyclean has been designed especially for the food, diary, pharmaceutical and related industries in which stringent hygiene requirements need to be adhered to.

The pumping system is based on synchronous operation of the lobes without touching each other, which makes it a suitable pump for thin or viscous products, even with solids in suspension.

The sturdiness of the gearbox and the short shafts resistant to deflection, allow the pump to work at high pressure (22 bars – 319 Psi) without the need of support front bushings.









Performance Hyclean


Hyclean – Hyduty


Easy Maintenance

Seals and seal casting (cartridge) can be changed and dismantled from the front part of the pump without disconnecting it from the pipelines. Cleaning and maintenance can be affected in place (CIP and MIP).


Shaft Sealing

The shaft sealing of the Hyclean pump can be by the mechanical seal, lipseal or O-ring seal. These arrangements can also be supplied either with or without flushing. 



In order to get the maximum efficiency, minimum internal slip and longer servicelife, the lobe rotors geometry has been especially designed after wide studies using 3D Cad technology. In order to prevent ingress of process liquid to the shaft splines the rotors have an extremely effective O-ring and shaft sleeve design. 


Option – Heating Jacket and isolated flushing tank 

The heating jacket is in the front and around the seals, which allow the heating/cooling of the liquid. The isolated flushing tank allows the flushing of the seal chamber with special liquids and prevents all contact between the pumped liquid and the atmosphere. 


Option – Vertical connections

This makes the suction of the pump easier, and allows a total draning of the fluid from the pump casing.

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