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LM HS Positive Displacement Pump

The pump series LM-HS has been designed to get a positive displacement pump, with a helical rotor, to decant viscous liquids with or without solids in suspension.


Typical fields of use

These pumps are typically used in the waste water industry, chemical and other related industries, along with the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. After numerous market surveys, LM decided to design and manufacture a modern range of pumps where it would be possible to change from a close coupled pump to one with a pedestal bearing, while maintaining the use of the same pump casing. This easy and economical solution has lead to the manufacture of compact close coupled units which are easily installed, even into narrow environments.

The LM-HS pump is a positive displacement, self-priming pump with only one single rotating shaft. The main components are the rotating part "rotor“, and the fixed part "stator“. The steel rotor is a single threaded screw which, rotating inside the rubber stator vulcanized inside a steel pipe, pushes the pumped fluid from the suction to the discharge outlet through movable chambers being created by the movement. The pumped fluid thus passes through the pump without any lamination, centrifugation or meshing of the product.



The L & M - screw pump is self-priming in case of liquids such as water, at 20° C, it is able to prime a 7 Meter column, even at low speed. The flow rate available is obtained by taking into account certain data: eccentricity, diameter of the rotor, speed and pitch. The discarge pressure independent of pump speed and pitch. The discarge pressure independent of pump speed and only depends upon the number of stages. 1 Stage = up to 6 bar.



The LM-HS Pump series can operate within a wide range of high and low viscosities, inclusing up to 800.000 Cps. They can also pump products which contain solids in suspension, including highly abrasive applications with some modifying of the diameter of the rotor. A remarkable reduction of the wear on the stator and rotor can be obtained by decreasing the speed of the rotor.


Handling the pump

Operating the pump is quite easy, but, to ensure a high efficiency and long lifetime, it is recommended to note the following:

The simple, functional and modern design of the LMHS-Pump permits to change from a compact-bloc-mounted pump to a pedestal bearing housing version.

All pumps can be supplied horizontally or vertically, on a base plate or on a trolley.








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