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Suction Boxes and Covers

Hydroline™ Boxes

The Hydroline™ concept, with its design and technical finesse, sets a new level in dewatering elements and is especially suitable for papermakers producing a broad range of paper grades. Applicable for each grade and speed, the Hydroline™ dewatering box aids in yielding a better paper quality. The adjustable drainage characteristics guarantees quick and time saving grade changes during operation, ensuring optimum output.


Varioline Plus™ Boxes

The fully evolved technology of the Varioline Plus™ allows for fine-tuning of the drainage characteristics and activity levels during a normal machine run. Besides manual adjustability, an integration into the machine’s DCS is also an option.


Multi-Chamber Boxes

These multi-chamber boxes are designed  to provide the highest drainage performance. Due to reduced energy requirements the initial purchase expenses are quickly amortized and justify the replacement of existing equipment.


Zig-Zag™ Felt Suction Boxes

The special design and construction of the IBS Zig-Zag™ boxes, along with the unique ceramic slot-design,  offers efficient  felt cleaning and energy savings. The reduced drive requirements also contribute to an extended felt life. Improved felt cleaning minimizes the need for essential chemicals, which also reduces the overall operating cost.



Better conditioning - less energy - longer felt life time.


The unique design of the IBS drilled covers offers solutions in both directions. Significant energy savings can yield a ROI of few months only. Additional benefits of the drilled covers are protection for seamed felts and longer felt life in general.


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